Accepting Your Training Responsibility

Yesterday I was training legs at torque, getting in the zone with my Sumo Squats when Dan passed by and complimented my depth and form. Big compliment coming from the king of powerlifting! We got on the subject of people getting low enough on their squats, and how there are few people that do. Which got me thinking, how couldn’t people be getting low on their squats, aren’t you feeling for depth in every rep?

The answer is no. Some people are not feeling for depth, or much of anything at all. There is an absence of one’s own connection to the movement; there is no mind-muscle connection present in the workout.

In my experience as a trainer, people come to you for “the fix”; they want to lose weight, build muscle, and get fit.. which is amazing! They’ve taken the first step of action, but what most fail to remember is the action cannot end there.

Just the act of working with a trainer alone does not mean the client will achieve their goals, a trainers job is to help guide and teach the client, but ultimately the client must be the one to endure the work! The client cannot just go through the workout doing what they are told, mindlessly count out the reps, and move through the motions of their exercises. They must take the responsibility of their own training and become an active part of the process!

Personally, I love teaching my clients; I feel there is a strong need for knowledge of what you are working on, how and why you should be working on it, and how you should learn to feel and recognize this work in your own body. I am a firm believer of the mind-muscle connection being the most significant training factor to success! You must fully learn your body, learn what it means to get low on squats, and encompass the entire feeling while you are down there. You can’t just run through the motions of a rep, you have to FEEL and understand the way your muscles work. With this isolation in mind, you have to use these muscles with 100% focus, and work them until you’ve burned them out. YOU have the responsibility of making sure you are using your body effectively, the trainer can only guide you.

How can you Improve your workouts, with or without your trainer?

Take Responsibility.

Know showing up to the gym is only half the battle, and the trainer can only do so much; you will have to meet him/her halfway. Listen to their guidance, and at the same time listen to your body. Take their expertise and apply it to your own training; learn what it means to get low on a squat, learn your body inside and out. Show up to your workouts like a sports match, bring nothing but your 100% focus to the table. Know and understand that “The Fix”, in this case, cannot be purchased, it cannot be quick, and it cannot be given, it can only be successful with a consistent and lengthy dedication to training.

Accept responsibility of your fitness journey!


Last but not least, GET LOW ON YOUR SQUATS 🙂



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