What’s the TORQUE difference?

Since 2013, we’ve been more than just a gym. We’re a community that’s dedicated to not only getting strong, healthy, and fit – we’re a FAMILY. Whether its our BBQ’s and special events, our Education Seminars, or our Record Boards – you’re joining a group of people who support each other, push each other to hit personal bests and reach our goals, and who always have each other’s backs.

When you’re in here grinding away on a step mill, or pushing through your last set of deadlifts – you’re building a bond with your other members that extends beyond just your workout.

Join us and see for yourself #TORQUEfamily


Get your name on the board! Since the day we opened the TORQUE record board has been a staple of the gym. It holds world records, personal bests, national champions, and world champions. People travel to TORQUE just to try and put their name on the board.


Indoor field turf. At Torque we have a large open area for stretching, sleds, ab work, conditioning and circuits, as well as a wall rig for squats and presses with 4 squat stations. Towards the back we have 2 Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates which can be used for lifting or Crossfit.


We host education seminars and courses to help you further your knowledge of strength, nutrition, and a generally healthy fitness lifestyle.


Another tradition that we’ve been carrying since 2013 is our BBQ’s and special events. We kick off every summer with an anniversary party – pot luck style. Bring your best or favorite food and join us every June for a great party with good friends. We also host Thanksgiving, and a great Christmas party.


Along with supporting various charities that are close to our hearts, we are involved in the community through sponsoring events, donating gifts and supplies, and collecting goods such as the Winter Coat Drive, and Toronto Food Bank canned goods. We believe in giving back, and with your help, we can make an impact in our community.


We host numerous events every year. From the TORQUE head-to-head deadlift competition, to World Championship qualifying sanctioned powerlifting competitions, to our monthly challenges. There are often incentives to win free memberships and extra cash.

Other friendly competitions include a monthly pull-up challenge, a “squat your bodyweight” competition, and team bootcamp challenges such as posting healthy meals to our Facebook group for a chance to win free protein and Sport Chek gift cards.


One of the most unique things about TORQUE is the ability to work outside. In the months of April to November when we have our 3 large garage doors open where members can bring equipment outside and get a workout in under the sun. This makes cardio interesting and will have you sweating while working on your tan.

TORQUE has become a staple in Etobicoke with students returning to workout every summer, and families and friends signing up in groups. TORQUE is a true, authentic gym, with good equipment, good music, chalk buckets, and a few dogs running around. We work hard, we produce results, and we have a great community. Just wait till you see someone walking down the street in a TORQUE shirt and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

See you in the gym.

Dan Petkovsek