“After getting started on a TORQUE personal training program, and their dedicated style of training I was able to push myself and attain results that I did not think possible (lost 125lbs). They tailor the workouts to my personal fitness level, and I look forward to every session. Even after flipping a huge tire 80 times, I still enjoy myself.” – Tom Ashby


TORQUE isn’t just a gym- its a sanctuary for members to better themselves. The staff are amazing individuals who continually help and advise you. Everyone around you encourages and motivates you to do better. I am thankful for this gym and everything it has to offer, its helped me tremendously overcome a period in my life that I didn’t think I could get through. Thank you TORQUE, keep doing what you guys are doing.” – Camille Enriquez



TORQUE Training has become an important part to my development and my summer training. The training program is intense and covers all aspects of conditioning. It’s a good feeling going into training camp ready to perform and that’s what TORQUE Training has given me.” – Daniel Pettersson (Olofstrom Steelers)



“With the help from Dan and TORQUE Training I witnessed my most successful strength, speed and explosion gains to date in my Professional Career. Playing pro football is all about speed and explosion and you can see how effective this training is when I can clear a 56″ tire. We put in the work to dominate on the field.” – Tyler Scott – Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)



“After getting started on a program with TORQUE trainer, I have massively improved my strength, lost 15 lbs and have regained mobility in an over-use injury in my knee. I still have work to do, but I have come very far in 3 months of commitment at TORQUE.” – Tanya Philipovich



“I began working with a TORQUE Trainer to help improve my form so I wouldn’t hurt myself on big compound exercises like deadlifts. After 2 months, my form improved but I also saw a huge increase in strength. I went from Deadlifting 355 lbs to a new PB of 435lbs. Their knowledge, experience, and consistent attention have led to results I just couldn’t have achieved on my own.” – Dave O’Leary


“I have not only lost inches and pounds (25 pounds so far) but also regained and increased my fitness through a very structured program in the last few months. The workouts are fun, push me beyond my comfort zone, and they’re always looking to adapt it to suit my needs. I would recommend TORQUE to anyone looking to become fitter, lose weight, increase athleticism, endurance, strength, or sports performance.” – Amit Kumar



– David Creighton




“From the very start I felt like it was the right fit at TORQUE. Since starting my training program, I have lost over 15 pounds, but most importantly have gained muscle, endurance, and can lift much heavier. I have learned how to properly lift, ensuring that I have the right technique at all times. I am looking forward to continuing working out at TORQUE, and I feel like I’m on the right path for both my personal health & fitness goals!” – Brandon Ram


“Through TORQUE Training, I am on the way to reaching my fitness goals. They makes each session challenging and varied. I have yet to repeat a routine in the four months that I have been working here. They are very knowledgeable about total body fitness, including targeting particular areas, working around injuries and nutrition. Dan has a very good sense of what each client is capable of, and knows when to push in order that they may achieve their full potential! Thank you, TORQUE!” – Lisa Falconer

“With TORQUE‘s help and guidance, I have been able to find and tune muscles I had forgotten I had! The importance of strength training is being recognized for not only combatting muscle atrophy, but also as part of your overall mind and body health. They tailor workouts to your individual strengths and weaknesses to achieve great results. They also make getting fit and strong fun as opposed having to dread going to another boring session.” – John Saksun

“Great gym, love the vibe and good equipment. Love the old school feel of powerlifting. Thanks for the complimentary day pass! We will return when in Toronto again” – Vanessa S.

TORQUE is the first gym that I’ve actually been able to stick with. For the most part, I found that the previous gyms I went to never cultivated a community. Whether it’s the powerlifting team, or everyday joe’s just staying in shape TORQUE is able to create a community of people who get to know each other day-in and day-out. You aren’t simply going for a workout; you’re sharing your time with a group of people with common goals. Since I’ve joined TORQUE, I have managed to cut off 40 pounds, increase my squat from 155 to 305, my bench from 135 to 215, and my deadlift from 185 to 335 in the span of exactly one year. While these numbers are reflective of my progress, it would not have happened without a supportive community where I feel welcomed to strive for the best me” – Robert Yorke

“Great gym, great atmosphere, and great people. Also slamming weights, and using chalk encouraged.”

“Great, no non-sense gym at a reasonable price! And I particularly like that there aren’t any high pressure sales tactics. It’s why I chose to sign up at TORQUE rather than something like Xtreme Couture (which did have a pushy sales person).”

“It’s a family feel type of gym. Everyone is friendly and it has a “real gym” type of feel. The focus is on making sure everyone has a great workout instead of on franchising and esthetic appeal. Quality over quantity is key and that is what makes TBC successful.”

“Amazing atmosphere. Nothing fancy, not loaded with useless equipment..has everything one needs for a killer training session. If it were closer to home I would have a membership no doubt.”

TORQUE is the first gym I’ve actually been able to stick with. There are a number of motivating and welcoming people at the front desk. The club also helped dispel a stereotype I had about “bodybuilders”. When I worked out at LA fitness and other places, many “bodybuilders” would look at me as inferior if I wanted to use some of the weight machines. Made me feel not very welcomed What I didn’t realize was they were more of the “bro” stereotype than bodybuilders. I’ve grown a lot of respect for bodybuilders at TORQUE, and the endearing effort they put in on a day-to-day basis. While I have had an interest in powerlifting for a number of years, TORQUE really was the place that gave me a sufficient grounding in the sport. While I know it primarily has to do with the individual themselves, the gym environment definitely has paid off. Feeling welcomed at the gym is a huge factor and it makes me feel comfortable gong on a day-to-day basis. Over the past year, I have lost 30-40 pounds and have gone from not knowing how to squat, deadlift, and bench to making very strong progress. So in short, TORQUE for me is a very welcoming place, which definitely aids in my training as I suffer from mental illnesses, which damper my efforts. Plus has helped me to dispel stereotypes, which are irrational. So thank you, TORQUE!”

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