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TORQUE BARBELL has become more than just a physical location gym in Toronto. It has become a resource for people to read, learn, explore, and find motivation in their fitness journey, while ensuring they achieve results.

From our extensive database of training and nutrition articles, to hosting educational seminars and workshops – we have been able to spread our knowledge and do our part to give back to our community.

We offer online training, free ebooks and guides to download, motivational videos, educational articles and videos – and in our store – we offer training programs, clothing, and memberships.

Having served over 5500+ people locally since 2013 within our 4 walls at the gym, we can only guess how many people we’ve reached online across the world.

We hope you find our website informative and educational, and if you’re ever in Toronto, make sure you stop in and join us for a workout. While you’re here – show us some love and buy a t-shirt!