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Squat, run, press, deadlift, sprint, swing, jump, MOVE! Improve your fitness, shed pounds, get stronger, and become your best version with our FAT FURNACE BOOTCAMPS!

Lets get real, COVID kicked all of our asses, but now is the time to let US kick YOURS.

We’ve taken it back to basics with our classes meaning our focus is to get you ripped, shredded, build back lost muscle, get your body moving in all directions, and generally just becoming a fat burning machine.

When we workout in an efficient structure, meaning we stress all of our energy systems, our bodies will burn fat even hours after a workout. This is what we do. We will take you through a properly structured workout that will have your metabolism jacked up, and get you burning calories through the day.

On average we’re burning about 400-600+ calories per workout.

Each class begins by focusing on making you stronger by stressing your muscular system and depleting muscle glycogen (carbohydrates). Then we move into high intensity circuits that leave you breathless and kick your body into its optimal fat-burning zone. At this point, our bodies will be operating off our own fat stores, so we end the workouts with what we call “finishers”. These are exercises or circuits that will have you sweating and keep your body burning calories throughout the day, long after you’ve finished your workout.


When you combine professional training with an effective and sustainable nutrition program – the results are nothing short of amazing.

Everything will be laid out for you – workouts, nutrition and tips to accelerate your results.

All classes are led by a certified TORQUE trainer.

We run this program all year round! All we ask is that you are committed to your goals, bring a positive attitude to support your fellow members, and that you work hard!

Class Schedule

What’s Included:

  • Weekly workouts led by a TORQUE trainer who will motivate and push you to reach your goals.
  • Classes are $20+tax
  • Nutrition Guide with a grocery list and sample meal plans.
  • Extra cardio, conditioning, and ab workouts.
  • Bring a friend for FREE on the first Saturday of every month!

Booking and Acuity Scheduling

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on class size and maximum capacity, we require all members to book their class through the Acuity Scheduling App, and search Torque Barbell.

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We are offering an unlimited membership for $180 per month


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