The Torque Method is a system of programs starting at the beginner level and progressing into advanced and high performance strength and conditioning programs. Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a boost in your training, we have a program for you.

The Torque Method is a culmination of nearly 15 years of training, ranging from professional strength and fitness athletes, incredible body transformations, sports performance, athletics, and health based training.

We are experts in our field which means we have done these programs ourselves with success, we’ve coached and trained our clients to success, and we continue to innovate and expand our expertise through continued education and knowledge based research.


When you sign on to work with a Torque Coach or Personal Trainer, you will be working towards your goals on one of the Torque Method programs, however – your coach or trainer will customize each program and nutrition plan to suit your specific and individual needs. Your experience, injuries, goals, lifestyle, and current stats will all be considered when your coach or trainer is making your plan.


The Torque Method also combines nutrition protocols and diet plans that have proven results with clients over again. An overall wellness or fitness plan MUST include a proper nutrition plan that works WITH your workout program, not against it.

What this means is that your nutrition plan and workout program will go hand in hand to accelerate your results and get you to your goal faster. An example is if you’re doing a carb-cycling meal plan with reduced calories for the goal of fat loss, but you’re workouts are planned around strength and performance, you’ll find yourself consistently hitting walls and roadblocks, and not progressing towards the end goal.

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This is where you start if you’re looking to take your first steps. Our Intro to Strength program is a 3 day workout plan that covers the fundamentals of working out. It includes machines, barbells, dumbbells, cardio and core, and circuit style total body training. We created this program so that you’ll be able to enter any gym, know your way around the machines and weights, and start every workout with a plan. Typically someone will use this program for 2-3 months.


Our Intermediate Program is a 4 day workout plan. If you find yourself familiar with the gym, you’re comfortable with various exercises, you’re in a good routine of working out the majority of the week, and you’re looking for something you can stick to and progress with long term, this is the program for you. You’ll be pushed in your workouts to see results, and combined with a nutrition plan, you’ll see continued success as the months continue. Typical duration is anywhere from 6 months to many years on this program. More than half of our clients and members use this program in their training.


This is our signature program which is 5 days of advanced training and techniques. It’s based on a bodypart split meaning each workout is focused on a muscle group or compound lift. This is also called our Powerbuilding Program which has been proven to increase strength, increase muscle mass, reduce bodyfat, and create champions. This is where powerlifting and bodybuilding principles are combined to create a powerful physique and well rounded strength. All of our competitive lifters and athletes use this program in their daily training, and shift into our specialty programs at different points in the year based on training and physique needs (example: powerlifting competition, 12 week diet program, 8 week power jacked..etc).


Our specialty programs are designed with specific goals in mind. From Powerlifting competitions, to physique and fitness competition – these programs produce SERIOUS results. They’re intense, they’re going to challenge you, and they’re going to get you to your goal.

 8 Week Power Jacked.

Intense, focused training and dieting for 8 weeks. Push through your plateaus and reach new levels of power and jacked.

12 Week Pure Shred.

This is for the serious dieters. Get ripped in 12 weeks. Whether you’re getting ready for the beach, a wedding, or you’re doing a fitness competition. Get Shredded.

Powerlifting Competition Peaking.

You’re ready to get on the platform and test yourself in a powerlifting competition. This is 9 weeks of hardcore powerlifting training to have you prepared to hit your personal bests on the platform.

Womens Lean Body & Strength.

Although women and men don’t need gender specific programs, our womens program is more based around the lower body, circuit training, cardio, and core training. You’ll still be lifting heavy, but with a focus on the area’s we’ve found most women want to improve.


Ultimate Carb Cycling Guide.

The most effective carb cycling book! This is a simple approach to carb cycling that you can start following TODAY!

Torque Nutrition Guide.

Updated every year with the current information and our recent research. This is covers our nutrition approach to different aspects of fitness. From weight loss, to muscle gain, and sports performance.