TORQUE TRAINING brings together the 3 areas of fitness which we have become well known for. Daily Personal Training, Powerlifting and Strength, and High Performance Athlete Training.

torquetraining2What does this mean?

Basically if you want to get in shape by working with a personal trainer who has a track record for results – Call us.

If you want to gain massive amounts of strength to compete in powerlifting, or just become the strongest guy at your school or office – Call us.

And if you’re an athlete trying to make it to the next level. Get the edge on your competition – Call us.

Torque Training has helped over 1000+ clients reach their goals since 2010.

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See you in the gym.

Note: ALL TORQUE TRAINING members have access to our online database of training videos, nutrition articles, recipes, information, and lots more!


IMG_6711There’s training, and then there’s TORQUE TRAINING. Our professional and proven methods, combined with your commitment and dedication, means you get results, your goals being reached, and your life improved.

What we offer:

Personal training (1 on 1)
Small group training (2-4) – workout with a friend
Training programs – based on your goals and lifestyle
Nutrition and daily food plan – sustainable meal plans where you can still eat your favourite foods

We work with both men and women. Our programs are suited to fit your goals and lifestyle.

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We are a competitive team affiliated with the Canadian Powerlifting Federation (WPC).12009757_525094990974139_8540220223595076383_n

We are committed to helping grow the sport of powerlifting in Canada.

What we offer:

Coaching and programming
          Peaking and training (monthly)
Technique correction
          Online and in person
Single lift training sessions
          Get help with any of the big 3

So you want to get strong like a brick shit house, but don’t want to compete in powerlifting? Don’t worry – we got you covered. We offer programs and training packages designed to pack on massive strength, as well as programs to build muscle and size. Side effects of our programs? You’ll actually look good too.

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TORQUE ATHLETICS programs = High Performance Athlete Training. It is structured group training in a high-energy environment.

We have worked with athletes from multiple sports – hockey, football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, swimming, rowing, and many more. Both female and male athletes.athlete-hockey

We’ve trained athletes from the professional level, to junior, high-school, minor leagues, and recreational sports. We will make you a better athlete. Period.

Our training is intense, structured, specific, and proven.

What we offer:

1 on 1 athlete training
► Small groups (2-5 per group)
Large groups (6-20 athletes)

We believe that skills training should be left to your coaches, while we focus on making you bigger, stronger, and faster, so you can hit harder, score more, and WIN MORE.

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