Phase 2 – We’re Opening! COVID-19


The day is here! We’ve been given the green light to operate personal training and classes outdoors only! Click here for a link to this post in .PDF version

We’re fortunate to have access to a large outdoor training space at the back of the gym, which we will be using to run out classes and personal training sessions until we move into phase 3.



As the provincial government gave personal trainers the green light to operate OUTSIDE of gyms starting Wednesday June 24, this means we will RE OPEN under those guidelines as of today.

We will be bringing our equipment outdoors and begin running classes and personal training. Although it’s not ideal, it’s a huge step in getting our members back to their regular workout routines. This will be our setup until we enter phase 3 – hopefully soon!

This means we’re going back to basics with our exercises and workouts, but you can be assured that you will get an awesome and effective workout.

All classes will be run by the owner Dan and will have a capacity of 10 per class (9 members + 1 trainer).

Classes will run 2x per day, at 9am and 12 noon. This may change as people start going back to work and things return to normal.

All classes and personal training sessions must be booked in advance through the scheduling app “Schedulicity” and search Torque Barbell.

Download the app here:

View our schedule here:

We have a large tent to cover during full sun and rain so you don’t miss a workout!


Each class and training session will be about 50 minutes, which gives us 10 minutes to sanitize and clean the equipment before the next group.

  • Members must keep a spray bottle with them at all times and wipe equipment after use (spray bottles are provided at the front).
  • Staff will also disinfect equipment DURING classes.
  • Most workouts you will be given your own set of weights to use, which will be disinfected before and after your workout.
  • Some equipment like the tractor tires, kettlebells, sleds..etc will be disinfected during the classes.

You will get an awesome workout. We will bring as much equipment outdoors as we can.


Due to the nature of personal training and class capacity, we will require members to sign up in advance so that we don’t have people waiting outside the front door hoping to get in. Again, please remember this is only temporary until we enter phase 3.

We’re using an app called Schedulicity which can be found on the App Store, and search for Torque Barbell.

Because we cannot operate as a normal gym yet, all classes will be $15+tax (no unlimited membership at the moment). Personal training rates can be found on our website


  • All members must enter through the front door (which will remain locked except for the changeover on the hour).
  • No changerooms, lockers, or showers – Washrooms only.
  • Come ready to workout.
  • Sanitize everything you touch.
  • Respect the physical distancing guidelines.
  • Do your part to keep the gym and equipment clean so we can continue to phase 3


We haven’t yet been given a date as to when we’ll enter phase 3, however there has been talk it could be within the first 2 weeks of July.

This would mean opening the gym to operate as normal (with a limited capacity based on square footage).

We will enter phase 3 as soon as they give the green light.


I want to personally thank every single member and client, as well as our staff, for being patient and understanding through this shutdown.

Many of you have kept your recurring memberships active, which has helped us immensely. As I’ve said in our emails and contact with members, nobody will lose any of their membership time due to the shutdowns. From the day we closed (March 17), to the day we can re open as normal (phase 3), you will have that time added to your membership and not lose a single day.

We’ve spent the last month making improvements, cleaning from top to bottom, upgrading equipment, ordering a few new items for the gym, and getting things ready for your return.

For the many of you who will be joining our classes and training in the next few days, get ready to sweat, get some sun on your skin, and feel your muscles sore like the first time you came to Torque.

If you still need some time before you feel comfortable joining us, no worries – we’re here when you’re ready.


Dan Petkovsek

For any questions or concerns, please email me