2 Months of Carb Cycling


Well, I’m currently just over the 2 month mark of my diet (I’m doing 12 weeks total) and I thought I’d give an update on my results so far.

I’ve lost 36lbs, and 7.1% bodyfat

I started at 248lbs and 14% bodyfat on January 1st.

Today I am 212lbs and 6.9% bodyfat (March 2nd).

I had a DEXA scan done on February 20th, which was almost 2 weeks ago, and that’s where my bodyfat showed 6.9%. In reality, I should be even lower now.

I have followed my TORQUE 4 WEEK SHREDDING program 100% with no cheat days (high carb days are not cheat days, they are refeed days). I have done all the required cardio, never missed a workout, focused on proper sleep, high water intake, and stuck to the diet with no deviation.

In the scan above, yellow coloring is fat, purple is muscle, and light blue is bone.

In the first few weeks, my arms, legs, and shoulders got lean very quickly. From there, my back started to lose fat, and now finally in these last few weeks I’m starting to see fat loss around my stomach. I’m one of those people who lose it in the stomach last.

It can be frustrating when you see people on social media with ripped abs, or a defined 6 pack, and feel like you’re falling behind. I promise though if you stick to the plan, and keep pushing, you will lose that stubborn belly fat.

Extra situps, planks, leg raises..etc will NOT speed this up.

Want to know how to get your abs in? STICK TO YOUR DIET!

As my body has changed, I’ve had to incorporate more low days each week. Originally I did 2 low days, followed by 1 high day, and I would repeat this over and over. Eventually I moved to 3 low days, 1 high.. then 4 low, 1 high.. and now I’m at 5 days low, and 1 high day. This past weekend I did 2 high days in a row to refill my glycogen stores, and now I will push hard into the end of this cut for the final 3 weeks.

Anyways, these are my results as of almost 9 weeks (61 days). I have planned to do 12 weeks total, which leaves me with another 3 weeks to go. This is the time to really step on the gas and finish strong.

– Dan

Link to the 4 Week Shredded program