Best Tips For Staying on Track With Your New Fitness Routine

  1. Make it easy on yourself!

If you train in the morning, then have your gym bag packed the night before. Make everything easy and accessible so that you have no excuses when you wake up. This can also include having your pre-workout drink right beside your bed or the coffee machine timed and brewing as soon as you wake up.

If you train after work, make sure your gym bag is packed and in your car. Don’t give yourself a reason to not go. 

2. Have a meal you look forward to eating after your workout!

Example: Protein pudding or chocolate banana smoothie. Give yourself a clean, high protein treat to reward yourself for another successful day. 


3. Give yourself check marks… sounds silly… maybe so.     

But studies show that checklist (no matter the age) make people feel accomplished. Visually seeing yourself succeed helps to keep you on track. So grab a calendar and place it somewhere you always see. Give yourself a check mark every time you go to the gym and a star for every day you hit your macros/meal plan etc. 





4. Take photos! 

Don’t just rely on the scale, it can be incredibly misleading. You may be loosing weight and gaining muscle. This won’t show your progress on the scale but it will in photos. Watch yourself succeed week by week not pound by pound.



5. Plan ahead! 

If you are travelling for work or know you have a busy week ahead be prepared. If you can’t make it to the gym, then change your macros to accommodate. Eat less while your not active and stick with clean foods that will keep you full. You can even use it proactively as a gentle cleanse for your body and do intermitted fasting for the week to reduce inflammation. 


Take the stairs whenever you can, choose to walk instead of taking a cab (even if its part of the way.) You can also include 10- 15 min hit circuits (no equipment needed) where ever you are. 


Every minute on the minute. Do every exercise bellow 1 min with no breaks. You can also do these for 30 sec and 10 sec rest 3-4x through. 

1 min Jump Jacks 

1 min High Knees 

1 min Mountain Climbers 

1 min Jump Squats 

1 min Push ups 

1 min Dips 

1 min Planking arm taps 

1 min Jumping Lunges 

1 min Burpees 

1 min Bicycle Crunches