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Muscle Podcasts Worth Listening To!

Our TOP 5 Muscle Podcasts You Should Check Out! 

#1 Muscle Expert Podcast by Ben Pakulski. Ben is a IFBB pro bodybuilder who has combined holistic and unique approach to the sport.

#2 MindPump Podcast, has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. It is sometimes raw, sometimes shocking and is always entertaining and informative.


 #3 Rich Roll Podcast, Rich is an ultra-athlete, best-selling author, and self-proclaimed wellness evangelist who dives deep into health topics. 



 #4 20 Min Fitness Podcast, covers topics like debunking the latest fitness trends and talking with fascinating fitness authors, athletes, and podcasters. Along with much more!

#5 Elite Muscle Radio, if you are looking for a true no BS approach to fitness then this would be your podcast. Also includes business related advice for trainers and health related entrepreneur.

Ashwagandha Benefits for Muscle Growth & Recovery

Benefits of Ashwagandha for Muscle Growth & Recovery

Ashwaganda is a natural herb that has been used for many of years to combat stress, improve metabolism and physical strength. 

Many individuals endure a high stress lifestyle, this can significantly impact ones overall health. High cortisol levels (stress) can lead to water retention, weakened immune system, decrease in libido, and slower muscle recovery and growth.

It’s ability to stimulate the thyroid gland plays a huge impact on a persons metabolism. The body depends on your thyroid to regulate your metabolism and produce sufficient amount of T3 and T4. It also allows your body to reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels. 

Ashwagandha is also an antioxidant for the body, or sometimes referred to as a free radical scavenger. By allowing the body to function optimally it can reduce stress, reduce depression, reduce brain fog, improve sleep, and it can improve both muscle gains and rate of recovery – as shown in the studies bellow. 

Study Results

“Ashwagandha group experienced statistically significant improvements in average squat power, peak bench press power, 7.5 km time trial performance, and perceived recovery scores.”

“Compared to placebo, ashwagandha had a 74% greater increase in bench press and 62% more arm and chest growth.”

“57 untrained males between 18 and 50 years of age completed a resistance training routine and consumed either starch placebo or 300mg of ashwagandha root extract twice daily for eight weeks. Compared to placebo those consuming ashwagandha root extract had a 74% and 49% greater increase in bench press and leg extension exercises as well as 62% and 135% more growth in the arms and chest.”

“The subjects using ashwagandha also lost 133% more fat and increased their testosterone levels over 400% more than placebo.”

“Ashwagandha also stimulates the thyroid gland (as measured by T3 and T4), increases antioxidant enzyme activity in the liver, and decreases triglycerides.”

“Greater increase in VO2max with ashwaganda compared to placebo.




Ashwagandha has been studied using many different dosage from 300mg – 6000mg a day split into dosage 3x at 2000mg.

Follow the label on your bottle and discuss with your health care professional if you intend to increase the dosage.

Want to Learn More?

Ben Pakulski an IFBB professional body builder who explains the benefits of ashwagandha in his podcasts:

127- Overcoming Anxiety through Nutrition with Ali Miller

His Youtube Channel:

Ben Pakulski Best Supplement on a Budget to Build Muscle


Reviewing Studies that have been summarized from:

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4 Post Workout Foods You Should Be Eating

Post Workout Foods and Why 

1. Protein:  Try to incorporate 20-40g of protein 30-60 min post workout. Fast digesting protein (isolate) or a whole food source like chicken, turkey, salmon, shrimp, eggs etc. Some studies have shown that having protein powder post workout is beneficial because it takes away a lot of the digesting process of a whole food. Allowing your tired body to digest quickly can initiate faster recovery.


2. Carbs: Your body has used up almost all of its glycogen storage. Don’t just have protein post workout and forget about the carbs. Aim for a min of 30g of carbs 30-60m post workout. You can also use fast digesting carb powder like vitargo or karbolyn. Or you can use whole food sources like sweet potato, rice, quinoa, oats etc.


3. Fruit: People make the mistake of dismissing fruit post workout. Your body has just undergone a vigorous amount of stress during your workout. Don’t be afraid to replenish it with antioxidants. Allowing your PH levels to increase also allows your body to absorb protein and utilize carbs more efficiently. Fruit is a great way to spike insulin post workout for protein absorption. Try making a smoothing with strawberries, willd blueberries, bananas etc. 


4. Cholesterol: Sounds crazy? Maybe, but there has been many great studies on how cholesterol is anabolic. Meaning it helps with building muscle. Cholesterol has been shown to aid in cell membrane viscosity which may contribute to cell membrane stability. The stability of our membrane allows our muscles to adapt to the stress of our workout more efficiently and intern, recover faster. I’d suggest getting a healthy source of cholesterol like the kind you get from whole eggs, shellfish or sardines. However, the majority of studies published were based on cholesterol from eggs. So try incorporating eggs post workout 3-4x a week and see if your recovery improves!

Most Important Take Away: 

Your body is under high amount of stress post workout, its tired and hungry for nutrients to replenish itself with. Stick to clean protein sources and whole foods. This will ensure your body gets the nutrients its needs and won’t negatively impact your immune system like fast food would. 




My Personal Favourite Combo:

    1. 30min post workout: Shake with protein powder, wild blueberries and coconut water 
    2. 60min to 1.5 post workout: Egg with rice and spinach