Beat the Holiday Bulge

First Step:

Portion Control: DON’T eat nothing all day so you can eat everything at dinner. This will cause you to binge and WAY over eat. INSTEAD try eating healthy foods during the day, keep carbs low, but fill up on protein and veggies.

DON’T try and “burn” off these extra calories by doing endless cardio. INSTEAD incorporate 15 minutes of hit circuit training post workout and utilize these carbs to make some new PRs in the gym.


Breakfast: Eggs sautéed with spinach, peppers, garlic and onions

Lunch: Chicken salad with a homemade vinaigrette

Snack: Protein Shake

Dinner: Eat protein first and whatever you have room for after you can fit in

Dessert: Your own holiday treat that is low sugar and healthy.

If you are eating out at a family or friends place try bringing your own healthy high protein dessert. Try some of these links to fill the cravings and keep you away from the traditional sugary Christmas treats.




1) Protein Christmas Cookie:  

2) Gingerbread Protein Balls:


3) Apple Cinnamon Protein Cookies:



4) Candy Cane Protein Bars:



5) VEGAN Protein Christmas Cookies:







Circuit A:(As many rounds as possible in 15min)

6 Tire flips

15 Sledge hammers each side

40 Mountain climbers

15 Ab rolls

20 Wall balls


Circuit B:(As many rounds as possible in 15min)

100ft Sled Push

15 KB swings

15 DB renegade rows

30 Russian twists

30sec Battle rope


Circuit C:(As many rounds as possible in 15min)

10 Deadlift to high row

20 ball slams

10 pull ups

20 dips

40 crunches