Trainer Series- FT Alanna Tassone

TBC Trainer Series: Meet Alanna Tassone

1.How did you get into fitness/training?

I  worked in a gym as one of my jobs in university and working out became a huge stress relief for me. I then had some family pass and had to make a big move from Edmonton to Toronto. I did my first bikini competition as a way of coping with life and have wanted to share my passion with people ever since. Training is such a healthy way of dealing with negativity and once you learn to love the challenge it can really become a healthy escape.

2. How may years have you been working in the fitness industry?

I have been working at the front desk of gyms since I was 16. After my first show I quite my job in insurance and worked my way up to a manager position of a Popeyes Supplement store. During this time I studied to  become a certified Nutritionist from CSNN. Not long after I was given the opportunity to become a Torque Trainer and have been loving my job ever since.

3. What is your biggest personal success?

I believe my biggest personal success was doing my last show on a completely vegan diet, even though people told me I wouldn’t be able to. My last show has also allowed me to find my own balance between fitness and holistic health. I believe I’ve found my own identity in the nutrition industry that’s both realistic and fun.

4. How many days a week do you train and what is your training split

I train 4-5 days a week, my workout split switches every couple of months. I do a period of higher rep/HIIT circuit training and a period of heavy weights and 1 circuit day. 

Day 1: Squat and Quads
Day 2: Arms, Abs and Shoulders
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Deadlift and Back
Day 5: Arms, Abs, Chest and Shoulders
Day 6: Circuit Day- HIIT
Day 7: Rest

5. Who is your biggest idol/ motivation?

My biggest idol is a vegan bikini competitor Crissi Carvalho. While my body wasn’t able to digest other sources of vegan protein making me have to go back to a pescatarian diet, I still strongly look up to her. Her goal is to give a holistic approach to bikini competitors. Spreading the word on health first and breaking all stereotypes on vegan bikini competitors.

I still love making vegan meals plans for my clients and helping them to have a more plant based diet. I promote positive eating habits and try to help girls with their eating issues. Crissi has helped so many girls with this and I hope to do the same.

6. What did you eat for breakfast?

For breakfast I made myself a protein pancake made with eggs, oats, PB powder and wild blueberries. I topped it off with sliced almonds and cashew butter.

7. What are you certifications/ specialties?

I graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition giving me my holistic nutrition diploma and the ability to help my clients to improve their wellbeing from the inside out. I also have my personal training certificate from National Academy of Sports Medicine.