Tips for Beginners in the Gym

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So you’ve taken the big leap and signed up for a gym membership. Motivation is high, and perhaps so is apprehension. You’ve taken this first step but what now? Where and how do you start? It can all be a little overwhelming so here a few tips on how to get started.


Setting goals

It is important to come into the gym with a goal. When we work hard at something it is usually because we are seeking to achieve a desired result. Having a goal, whether big or small, pushes us to give a little bit more into our workouts. The type of goal you choose can also help you plan out how you want to spend your time in the gym. Want to get into powerlifting? A program based around the squat, bench, and deadlift would be the way to go. Looking to lose fat? A combination of strength training and cardio (e.g. circuits, supersets) would be a great place to start!


Have a plan

The topic of planning and programming brings us to my next point: come into the gym with a plan! I think a lot of us have had times as beginners where we come into the gym and look around aimlessly, unsure where to start. Coming in with a plan not only helps with saving the time of trying to figure out what to do next, but it also provides a sense of accountability. You’ll be much less likely to skip out on a set, back down on the weight, or cut your workout short if you have a plan written out that you have committed to follow.


Variety is key

So we need a plan? Okay great, so chest and biceps 5 times a week right? No no no let’s hold up for a second. Sure, if you want to grow a certain muscle or work on a certain lift, it is fine to prioritize those goals to a certain extent. However, in order for proper progression in strength and body composition it is important to include a range of exercises working a variety of muscles. If you want a big chest that’s great, but it’s not going to look too good without a solid back to balance out your posture. If you’re looking to lose stomach fat you’ll be much better off doing full body workouts in order to burn more overall calories, rather than spending entire workouts on ab routines.841ecc3736c658f49e6eab770c76db35

Stick with it

So you have a goal and a plan achieve it. Next it is important to consider your timeline. If you follow any type of fitness related social media you are used to seeing amazing bodies and strength plastered everywhere. Seeing people like this everywhere and all the time gives the false allusion that these results are easy to attain. In reality, serious goals can take months, even years to achieve. Not only that but they require consistent and determined effort to maintain once achieved. So if you’re not seeing the results your looking for, don’t be discouraged, keep working hard (or work harder), and be patient!


Ask for help

If you are having trouble figuring out what your goal in the gym is and how to lay out a plan to achieve these goals you can reach out to any of the TORQUE trainers to help answer your questions. Also, stay tuned for TORQUE’s first e-book, which will contain all the info a beginner in the gym needs to know!



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