Torque Powerlifting Team

Torque Barbell Club is proud to announce the “Torque Powerlifting Team“.

What this really is, is a group of dedicated, goal oriented lifters and athletes who train not only to move heavy weight and look good, but to compete in strength competitions.

The Torque Powerlifting Team is only for those who want to compete. Part of what makes a team is the dedication and commitment to a single goal. In our case, the goal is to get as strong as possible.


As part of the team, we ask that you attend scheduled training sessions, help spot, load, and motivate your team members, and commit to a competition at least once per year.

Membership Dues

Membership dues for 2013-2014 are $60 per member, paid in cash to Dan Petkovsek along with this waiver. Dues are paid between August 1st – 7th (1 week). All money will go towards buying new equipment and specialty items which will be kept at Torque Barbell Club, locked up, for use ONLY by paid members. Money may also be used to fund powerlifting meets, strongman competitions, and other special events.


Included in this team membership is 1 Torque Powerlifting Team T-shirt. These shirts are for MEMBERS ONLY. Please do not give these shirts away or buy extras for friends.

Dues are to be paid annually, once per year.

Click here to view the membership form

For more information, call Dan Petkovsek at 647-221-2551



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