Fat for Muscle Growth…. WHAT?!?!

Dietary fat supplies the body with 70% of its energy at rest. Healthy fats also aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as: A, D, E and K. It’s also important for men as it helps maintain testosterone and hormone levels needed for muscle mass and growth. 

For women, don’t be worried about the increase in testosterone. A healthy diet will only assist the production of your bodies natural growth hormone. Because nothing is foreign to the body it will not cause any manly characteristics. Instead, it will increase muscle growth naturally and help to speed up metabolism and create a more toned look.

A high protein diet is important, but it’s more beneficial along side healthy fats. This has also been proven in the studies bellow:

A 2007 study done with 49 resistance training elderly individuals showed that the more cholesterol they consumed the more muscle and strength they gained. Literally, more cholesterol in the diet led to more gains. 

A 2011 study compared two groups of young, healthy adults. One group was a high cholesterol consuming group the other was a low cholesterol consuming group. They found that the high cholesterol group had nearly THREE TIMES the myofibril protein synthesis rate of the low cholesterol group 22 hours post training. Protein synthesis is a measurement of muscle growth”

While having healthy fats has shown a great benefit in muscle growth, they have also shown that having fat post work doesn’t make a difference. So what should you do?!?

Include healthy fats in your diet and keep your post workout meal to carbs and protein.

Then have your next meal after being one with healthy fats (fat from red meat, fish, oils, avocado..etc). Also remember, really low fat diets may hinder your muscle gains! Fat is NOT bad and cholesterol is essential for the body. 

Healthy Fat Sources

  • Fat found naturally in red meat
  • Fats from fish
  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Seeds (flax, chia)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (in moderation)
  • Full fat yogurt