The Number 1 Reason Why People Don’t Get Results

With the gyms open again and people gaining momentum in their fitness plans, I want to start my writings with the number 1 reason why I see people not getting results.

It’s very simple – they don’t finish the program or plan.

To make a real change in your physique or strength, it’s going to take longer than a few weeks. Usually the point of quitting or falling off/starting to cheat is where the real changes start to happen.

In my experience – around week 4-6 is when motivation starts to waiver, the frustration of not seeing immediate results sets in, and typically where we start to second guess what we’re doing.

This is NOT the time to quit. Maybe you need a weekend refeed to satisfy that craving, or a week deload to give your body a rest if you’re on a heavy training program, but this is the point where the real changes happen and you need to reset your mind, have a look at the plan laid out by your coach or trainer, and kick things back into high gear.

When was the last time you actually finished a 12 week cutting plan? Or the last time you completed your 8 week training program? If your answer is never, then you’re leaving a lot on the table.

I challenge you to commit yourself to a FULL eight or 10 or 12 week plan. I promise that you won’t regret your commitment and will feel fulfilled that you completed something hard, and something that the majority of people quit mid way. You’ll be one of the few that have those amazing transformation photos, and one of the few that achieve incredible results.