Torque Barbell Club Referral Program

You are a valued member of Torque Barbell Club and we want you to know we appreciate your membership and your business very much.

We hope you have been pleased with our gym, and we’re hoping you’d be willing to refer friends, family members, and other colleagues. We have some exciting things happening at Torque Barbell Club in the upcoming months – new programs, discounts, giveaways, and lots more.

Your time and effort in participating in this Client Referral Program won’t go unnoticed! We want to sweeten the deal; if one of your referrals decides to purchase a membership (minimum 6 months) and/or personal training sessions at Torque Barbell, we will give you a free one month membership or a one-hour session with a certified trainer (not to mention our gratitude and loyalty!)

So, please spread the word to everyone who you think may benefit from the services we offer at Torque Barbell Club and reap the rewards!

See you in the gym,

Dan Petkovsek & Michael Grayer
Torque Barbell Club