Chiro and RMT Services Now Available!

We are proud and excited to announce we are now offering Chiropractic and RMT Services at Torque! Check out our practitioners below! For more information please call us at 416-642-1010!

Dr. Nathalie Sodhi (Chiropractor)

Dr. Nathalie is an evidence-based practicing chiropractor who has a wealth of experience in post-injury rehabilitation, acupuncture, and various soft tissue techniques. With formal chiropractic education from D’Youville University and a certification in acupuncture from McMaster University, Dr. Nathalie is highly trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Dr. Nathalie’s expertise includes active release therapy, myofascial release techniques, cupping, IAST, and active rehabilitation. Additionally, with a background in powerlifting, swimming, and outdoor sports, she has a unique perspective on the importance of movement and a positive attitude in achieving overall wellness.

As a healthcare provider, Dr. Nathalie is deeply committed to helping her patients achieve autonomy over their health. She firmly believes that movement and a positive attitude are paramount to getting patients feeling better and living their best lives. With her skills and experience, Dr. Nathalie seeks to make a positive impact on her patients’ lives by promoting health, longevity, and wellness.

Kristofer Lam (RMT)

Kristofer is a lifelong athlete that has competed at the highest level in Ontario in athletic endeavours including track and field, natural (tested) bodybuilding, and powerlifting. These experiences have provided him with an excellent understanding of body mechanics and a firm belief in the importance of addressing the body as a whole, rather than as separate parts. Kristofer believes in treating the cause of an issue rather than its symptoms in order to provide patients with effective and timely relief from their impairments.

Kristofer is passionate about working with people to provide the many benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy is often viewed as just soft tissue relaxation, however, Kristofer believes in a thorough assessment process, rehabilitative exercises, as well as targeted soft tissue techniques to improve performance and decrease injuries.

He has worked with a variety of populations, athletes of all ages and ranging from house leagues to professional. Kristofer has also worked with motor vehicle accident patients, pre- and post op injuries, those with acute or chronic back pain, and those experiencing the common pains of everyday life.

As a registered massage therapist, those with extended health care benefits may be eligible for a full or partial refund on treatment costs for themselves or their spouses and children.