Athletic Performance


TORQUE ATHLETICS = High Performance Athlete Training. It is structured group training in a high-energy environment.

We have worked with athletes from multiple sports – hockey, football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, swimming, rowing, and many more. Both female and male athletes.

Our training is intense, structured, specific, and proven.



  • ► Team strength & conditioning sessions (recommended 1-2 per week)
  • ► 8-15 week training programs
  • ► Performance nutrition package
  • ► Duration – 60 minutes
  • ► Indoor field turf
  • ► Use of barbells, free weights, kettlebells, conditioning sleds, medicine balls, and more.



  • Large groups (6-20 athletes)
    • $10 per athlete per session
    • 1-2 trainers per group
    • Use of conditioning equipment while incorporating strength
  • Small groups (2-5)
    • $20 per athlete per session
    • Strength and power based training sessions
    • Barbells and free weights
    • 1 trainer per group

Whether you already compete at a high level, or looking to make the next jump in the ladder, you can be assured that your off season and in season programs are both designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of your sport.


What you can expect:525921_3162261589222_1645800043_2859867_877859223_n

  • Intense, focused training sessions
  • Sport specific drills and exercises
  • Increased strength, power, and stamina
  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning
  • Professional, no B.S. training


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Listen to what some of our athletes are saying:

With the help from Dan and Powerful Athlete Training I witnessed my most successful strength, speed and explosion gains to date in my Professional Career. Playing pro football is all about speed and explosion and you can see how effective this training is when I can clear a 56″ tire. We put in the work to dominate on the field.
Tyler Scott – Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)

Powerful Athlete Training has become an important part to my development and my summer training. The training program is intense and covers all aspects of conditioning. I have learned the importance of training the body to work together. It’s a good feeling going into training camp ready to perform and that’s what Powerful Athlete Training has given me.
Daniel Pettersson – NHL Prospect, Olofstrom Steelers (Div 1 Sweden)

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