The day is here! We’ve been given the green light to re-open! As of tomorrow (July 31st) we are resuming normal operations and hours, with safety precautions in place.


We will be operating with a 35 person capacity in the gym. This number includes staff and trainers.

If you arrive at the gym and we are at capacity, you will have to wait outside the front door before a staff member will allow you to enter. For every person that leaves, another can enter. 2 people out, 2 people in. 3 out, 3 in..etc. Maintain 6 feet distance while waiting.

Anyone who has booked a personal training session or group class does not have to wait, even if we are at 35 people. The official government capacity is 50 people, meaning that by limiting our numbers to 35, we will not exceed the regulations during class and personal training times.

We encourage you to call before your workout to see if there is a wait time to enter.

While we’re not setting time limits on workouts, we expect that you will be respectful of the current circumstances and will finish your workout within an hour and half.

Any time you’re in the gym, waiting outside, in the front entrance..etc, you are required to maintain 6 feet distance between yourself and other members. You’ll notice some cardio machines have been put out of use to assist with distancing. This includes weight machines.

If you’re working out on a machine, and another member comes to use the machine directly beside you, you are required to wait to do your next set AFTER that person has finished theirs. Nobody should be using machines directly beside each other at the same time.

Masks are not mandatory on the gym floor, however they are mandatory when entering or exiting the gym, or in the washrooms. They are also mandatory when talking to a staff member at the front of the gym (membership inquiries, payments..etc). You are welcome to wear a mask at all times if you choose.

Please bring your own water bottle, and avoid using our water fill station unless absolutely necessary, in which you will sanitize the handle after you fill.

Do not hang out or linger around the front reception. If you have a membership question or need to speak to a staff member, this is fine, but please do not hang out after your workout.

We will resume normal operating hours. Holiday Monday will be 8am – 4pm.

Hours of Operation


When you enter the gym, you are required to sanitize your hands.

Members must take a spray bottle and keep with them at all times – and are required to wipe equipment after use (spray bottles are provided at the front).

Staff will also disinfect equipment DURING the day.

You are encouraged NOT to share equipment with another member, but in the event that this happens, spray and wipe the equipment between each set.


Our staff and trainers will be walking around during the day and helping to maintain social distancing and safety precautions. If we feel you are not abiding by the rules set out by the Ontario government and us, we will revoke your membership and ask you to return at a later time.


Due to capacity, classes must be booked online through the Schedulicity app. We will not be offering unlimited memberships. All classes are $15+tax, and must be booked through the app.
We’re using an app called Schedulicity which can be found on the App Store, and search for Torque Barbell.

Personal training rates can be found on our website

To get started with a personal trainer, please email or fill out our New Client Form on our website.


  • All members must enter through the front door (which will remain locked).
  • No changerooms, lockers, or showers – Washrooms only.
  • Come ready to workout.
  • Sanitize everything you touch.
  • Respect the physical distancing guidelines.
  • Do your part to keep the gym and equipment clean so we can continue to stay open. We all have a part to do in this, and we expect you to do yours.


I want to personally thank every single member and client, as well as our staff, for being patient and understanding through this shutdown.
Many of you have kept your recurring memberships active, which has helped us immensely. As I’ve said in our emails and contact with members, nobody will lose any of their membership time due to the shutdowns. From the day we closed (March 17), to the day we re open (July 31), you will have that time added to your membership and not lose a single day. Please see a staff member on your first visit to get your membership activated.
We’ve spent the past few months cleaning from top to bottom, upgrading equipment, ordering a few new items for the gym, and getting things ready for your return.

For the many of you who have been attending our outdoor classes and training, you already know the procedures. For the members returning for the first time, please don’t hesitate to ask questions and inquire with a staff member with any concerns.

Tomorrow, get ready to sweat, lift some weights, and feel your muscles sore like the first time you came to Torque.

If you still need some time before you feel comfortable joining us, no worries – we’re here when you’re ready.
Dan Petkovsek
For any questions or concerns, please email me