Program Cost: $849+tax

group a start date may 30 @ 4:30pm
group b Start date may 31 @ 4:30pm

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Who We Are

TORQUE BARBELL began our roots training athletes in 2008 and has built a strong reputation for results and athleticism due to the 3 main principles we follow every day:

  1. Hard work and commitment.
  2. Desire to WIN.
  3. Not accepting anything less than 100% effort.

We will make you a better athlete. Period.

We instill these 3 principles in all of our athletes so that they will be successful both in sports, and in their life outside of sports. We want our athletes to lead from the front, and understand that we must do the hard things in order to become what we want to be.

The athletes we’ve trained have gone on to win National Championships, been named league MVP’s, gone to Pro training camps, play in the Major Leagues, NCAA, CIS, NFL, Junior hockey, and  Professional Leagues.

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  • 48 strength & conditioning workouts at TORQUE BARBELL.
    • 4 workouts each week with 3 being supervised by two TORQUE coaches.
  • 3 private Athlete Yoga sessions.
  • Torque Barbell gym membership included free for 3 months.


  • Functional Movement and athlete needs analysis
  • Performance Assessment and testing at the start of program
  • Mid point and final testing

NUTRITIONPresident Cup Champions 20101006

  • Performance nutrition guide including meal plans
  • Nutrition education chalk talk
    • Protein, carbs, fats, calorie consumption, fluid replacement, sports drinks
  • Discounted nutritional supplements
    • Redcon1 Supplement line (NSF approved, Certified For Sport).


  • Athletic therapy and physiotherapy provided by The Core Optimal Health
  • Maximum of 8 athletes per group.
  • Free Torque High Performance T-shirt included.
  • Athletes grouped by workout days.
  • All athletes receive a program booklet which they are required to bring and fill out every workout.


The TORQUE HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAM is 12 weeks longEach phase is 4 weeks.

  • Phase 1 – Strength / Power / Muscle
  • Phase 2 – Cross training / Strength
  • Phase 3 – Cardiovascular / Cross Training

Phase 1 – We want to build a solid strength and power foundation at the beginning of the program and ride out its benefits over the remaining weeks when cross training and conditioning become the focus. The goal during this phase of training is to build muscle and strength while learning proper technique.

Phase 2 – Strength and power is still performed at the start of each workout, but the focus of the workouts now shift towards cross training and athletic circuits, with more dynamic training such as battle ropes, tires, sledgehammers and sleds, along with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Phase 3 – During this phase, strength and power training is still performed briefly each day, with full-body conditioning now at the forefront. Our goal is to increase our cardiovascular endurance while using our bodyweight for conditioning and agility.

2022 HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAM fees: $849 +tax

We only have 16 spots available for this program

To reserve your spot or inquire email us – dan@torquebarbell.com

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