Torque Nutrition Guide


There are many different ways which we can approach dieting and nutrition plans,
and there are many different types of diets to follow – low fat, low carb, macro
counting, all organic, vegan, carb back-loading, carb cycling..etc.

None are right or wrong, and in the end we have to find something that works for US
as individuals. It has to be in line with ours goals and WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO STICK
TO IT. Yes, a consistent low carb diet may get us the results we want, but if we can’t
stick to it beyond 6 weeks, then it’s pointless. And if our goal is to be performance
athlete, while trying to use a low carb diet, then this probably isn’t for us either.
Essentially meaning your nutrition plan has to line up with you as an individual, as
well as your goals in the gym.