Nicolette is a Certified Personal Trainer, amateur powerlifter, and strongwoman competitor, who believes in hard work and dedication. She has been training at Torque since 2016.

Nicolette started off in our bootcamp classes and quickly transitioned into the Torque Powerlifting program and diet, and at the time of writing, has lost 60lbs plus and counting.

She has gained incredible knowledge training with Dan for numerous years and wants to pay it forward and help others tap into their full potential.

Nicolette teaches bootcamp classes as well as personal training, and has a passion for training clients in strength & weight loss.

Nicolette has competed in 3 powerlifting meets so far, placing 1st in the submaster category, and 2nd in the open category at the CPF National Championships 2018.

She’s also competed in Strongman competitions and loves the heavy lifts. A former Track & Field runner – Nicolette is always up to tackle new challenges and increase her knowledge to become a better trainer and athlete.

Nicolette is incredibly supportive and wants the best for all of her clients. She wants her clients to realize that with hard work and commitment, you can achieve the results you want.

Investing in yourself, your health, and your strength – should be your #1 priority.


Competitions Results

  • 2018 CPF National Championship – 1st Place Submaster, 2nd Place Open
  • 2018 CPF Womens Open – 1st Place
  • 2018 CAASA Strongman Barrie Summer Slam – 3rd Place
  • 2017 CPF Womens Open – 3rd Place