Gina Cellucci is an energetic, enthusiastic and focused fitness professional and entrepreneur who has been involved in the fitness industry for 7+ years. In 2015, Gina graduated from The University of Toronto Mississauga with a major in Women and Gender Studies, and minors in Professional Writing Communication and Italian Studies. Growing up in Mississauga, Gina was constantly on her feet, keeping active by participating in karate, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, yoga, basketball, tennis, and soccer.

It was her first year of university where she decided to dedicate her life to the world of health and fitness. She developed a love of lifting weights, enjoyed the feeling of being STRONG and wanted to empower others to feel the same. Gina loves to explore all types of training such as functional movement training, calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, HIIT, spin, running, hiking, rock climbing, Muay Thai, yoga and play sports such as recreational soccer, volleyball and racquet sports.

Gina is a compassionate individual who likes to stay involved in her community by participating in annual health and fitness initiatives such as CIBC Run For the Cure, Mississauga Marathon and Inside Ride for the Cure. She also is a fitness, health and sports writer and likes to stay up to date with her practice through researching and pursuing continuing education. As a chronic migraine sufferer, Gina is very determined to rid all bodies of pain. In 2018, she created a social media initiative called ‘MiGroup’ (Instagram: @themigrainegroup), a page dedicated to raising awareness, sharing knowledge, guidance, and support to all who suffer from the chronic disability of migraine and/or other medical diseases. Alongside training clients, Gina operates a part-time mobile business within the personal development industry. She believes working on our own personal development and growth is often overlooked by many individuals. It is crucial to put in the time and effort on this aspect of self-education in order to succeed in any line of work or physical activity.

Gina is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Spin Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and Healthy Eating and Weight loss Coach. She is also looking forward to becoming certified in Gua Sha and Cupping Therapy along with Tai Yoga Massage this year. Gina is a Powerlifter and is very excited to be competing in her first CPF Powerlifting meet this July 2019.

Since 2013, Gina has worked with a wide variety of clients and athletes of all ages with different fitness abilities, injuries, and medical conditions. Gina loves to explore every facet of fitness with her clients…the sky is the limit. If you are a beginner, Gina ensures a smooth transition and will walk you through the foundation and principles of training in detail, combining effective techniques with a focus on proper form, injury prevention, improved posture, gluteus and core strength, and increased flexibility. Gina ensures an all-inclusive environment free of judgment, an environment in which the only competition is with the self. Gina will provide you with the necessary tools, mental stimulation and motivation you need to achieve the physique you desire, through tailored strength and conditioning programs and proper nutrition and meal preparation plans to suit your specific needs. Gina will constantly keep you on your toes and work with you every step of the way. Take on this journey with Gina, let go of all limitations and be prepared to check off those goals.


  • Standard First Aid, CPR Level C & AED Certification- September 2019
  • Healthy Eating and Weight loss Specialist Certification – March 2018
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification –January 2016
  • Beginner Yoga Level 1 Certification (29 Hours) – November 2015
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification – January 2015
  • OWA Olympic Weightlifting Technical Official Certification- June 2014
  • Personal Training Specialist Certification – March 2014