Group Fitness Spin Hot Yoga Pilates RMT Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Build Plan and Vision

TORQUE is expanding!! After 11 years in business, we have taken over the space next to us and will be expanding our service offering to make Torque a full service fitness facility with Group Fitness, Yoga/Pilates, Spin Studio, and Wellness Clinic offering Chiro, Massage, Physio, and Injury Rehabilitation!

Torque Health & Wellness is the next chapter of the Torque story and will allow us to grow and service Etobicoke and surrounding communities with everything you need to reach your fitness goals in 2024.

The expansion starts in late January with building out our new space to be modern, clean, and minimalistic. Think the opposite of what you know Torque Barbell as.

Dark walls, modern lighting, and a calm environment. Lighting will be set up to provide a unique experience for members whether you’re coming for a 6am yoga class, or a deep tissue sports massage.


This new side will have its own entrance with a self serve check-in iPad system for people who like to come and go without entering through the main gym. Our staff are always around for those who require additional assistance or just want to see a friendly face.

Group fitness, yoga, spin, massage therapy, chiro..etc can all be booked online through our new Torque Barbell App where you can also manage your gym membership and purchase personal training.

Before we get into the expansion, lets talk about the gym changerooms.

Around the first week of March we will be starting our changeroom renovations – starting with the womens. There will be some disruptions in accessibility on and off, but we are expanding the womens to double the size and better toilet/shower options, as well as new lockers and countertops/sinks.

The mens is also being doubled in size and installing new urinals, toilets, and showers, as well as new lockers and benches.

The front reception will get a minor facelift with new countertops and front desk to accommodate our new membership software.


Group Fitness/Yoga/Pilates

We are building a new mixed use fitness room with Hot Yoga capabilities.

Spin Room

Our spin studio will have 12 bikes plus the instructor and members will enjoy an improved experience with towel service and shoe rental.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy at Torque will be a brand new experience with ambient lighting and a relaxing, sound proof experience with options like Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Acupuncture, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and Restorative Massage.


 Chiropractic and Injury Rehab

We are building our Chiropractic team to include experts in injury rehab & prevention, which means you can use your benefits and insurance plans for not only treatments, but also on-going support from a Registered Health Professional.


Staff Lounge/Kitchen

Torque staff and employees will enjoy a new lounge/kitchen area for breaks between clients and down time.

This is our vision and designs or ideas will change and evolve as we start building. We hope you’re as excited as we are for our future and we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals at the NEW Torque Health & Wellness!