Are you ready to get in amazing shape and win $500!!

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Begins January 10!

We’re kicking off 2022 strong by running a 6 week challenge that will crank up your workouts, get you on a proper meal plan, and give you professional guidance towards your fitness goals.

Enter and you’ll receive:

  • TORQUE Training Program
  • TORQUE Nutrition Guide
  • Meal Plan
  • 30 minute consultation with a Torque Trainer

The cost to enter is $100 which is the same cost of buying a program, meal plan, and 30 minute consultation, so entering basically becomes free!

The harder you work and put 100% into your plan, the better your chances to win. And regardless if you don’t win you still win because you’ll be in better shape than when you started!

When you sign up you’ll receive a welcome package and guidelines on how to be successful over the next 6 weeks. You’ll take starting photos, and ending photos, as well as optional bodyfat testing and measurements.

To add on and increase your chances of winning, sign up with a TORQUE trainer and let us guide you to better fitness! Click below for our New Years training specials!