Alanna is currently the manager of Torque Barbell, so you will see her day in and day out at the gym. She has had past experience managing Popeyes Supplement Stores where she gained extensive supplement knowledge. She has a true passion for health and fitness, and has gained certificates as a Holistic Nutritionist from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and her Personal Trainer Certificate from National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Alanna has competed in multiple bikini shows including the Toronto Pro Show. She did her last show on a completely vegan diet and has experience training others on a regular diet as well as a plant based diet. She also designs fun meal plans that create results, balance, and long lasting lifestyle changes.

Her passion for fitness continues as she is training for her upcoming powerlifting meet. She believes in learning new skills and new types of training to be able to create the customized plans she believes her clients deserve.

Alanna has always been active as a tier level soccer player and a high level gymnast growing up. Even though she was always active, she understands clients who are new to lifting. She once was the girl who was scarred of weights and found the gym intimidating. Now she helps others to find lifting empowering and wants to help others incorporate fitness for the long run.

Alanna trains all types of clients at different fitness levels. She also runs bootcamp classes and our lunch time X-Fit 30 classes. While she has a wide range of skills, her specialty is in bodybuilding and body transformations. She has also created the optimal Booty Building Guide which can be purchased on the Torque Barbell website.

Make no mistake! Alanna is incredible friendly and outgoing, but trains hard and trains her clients even harder.

If your ready to have a killer workout! You can contact her at:

Text: 780-217-6943