Dan is the owner and founder of TORQUE BARBELL. He is a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist as well as a Personal Trainer Specialist.

Dan is a professional Powerlifter competing in 198lb and 220lb weight classes. He briefly attended University and College where he completed courses in Physical Education and Health Science. He has completed internships both in Canada and the United States, and has spent time learning and training with some of the most respected coaches/trainers in the industry.

He holds 3 National records in the 198lb weight class. In 2017 he held the All-Time National Deadlift Record at 198lbs, and has numerous 1st place finishes as well as “Best Lifter” awards throughout his powerlifting career.

With over 10+ years experience working with personal training clients, he has gained a wealth of knowledge regardless of individual goals and previous experience.

He has been heavily involved with sports his entire life, but focusing on football and hockey – and now powerlifting. He understands the physical and mental demands of the contact sports athlete, which allows him to easily relate to – and motivate them.

He prides himself in getting people the results they want – regardless of their goal – which is evident by his usually full packed client roster.

To train with Dan in the gym – email dan@torquebarbell.com

Dan’s personal training rate is $80/hr regardless of number of sessions purchased.

“I make weak people strong, and strong people stronger”Dan Petkovsek


    • 2017 USPA National Championships – 4th place
    • 2017 CPL Eastern Canada Opener – 1st place & Best Lifter
    • 2017 USPA Battle of The Great Lakes – 1st place
    • 2015 CPF Canadian Pro Nationals – 1st place & Best Lifter (Assisted Raw)
    • 2014 VSC November Open – 1st place & Best Lifter
    • 2014 WPC World Championships – 5th Place
    • 2014 CPF Canadian Pro Nationals – 2nd place
    • 2014 Torque Powerlifting Classic – 1st place
    • 2013 CPF Ontario Open Push/Pull – 1st place
    • 2009 CPF Canadian Amateur Nationals – 2nd place
    • 2009 CPO Tri City Open – 1st place
    • 2008 OPA Golden Triangle Open – 1st place
    • 2008 OPA Niagara Open – 3rd place