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Mornings Are The Secret

Mornings, The Secret to Managing Your Schedule.

I am a morning person. I am also constantly on the hunt to maximize/manage my time better. So when I came across the book ‘What Successful People Do in the Morning’ I figured it would be the perfect read.

Turns out, it was a GREAT read. Here is a quick synopsis for you:

Mornings are the key to taking ahold of your schedule. If we use them wisely, we can build habits that allow us to live happier/more productive lives. Read More



As we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary here at TORQUE, and we enter our 4th year of business – I want to take the time to show people where we came from, how it started, and how we got to where we are. This is not to say that “we’ve made it” or that we’re satisfied. It’s to simply show our history, and the roots of TORQUE BARBELL.

TORQUE currently has 9 employees, and 8 independent trainers (16 personal trainers total) who rent space from us to run their training business. We have 367 members, and run 17 classes each week. Although this article Read More

You’re Too Technical – And It’s Making You WEAKER


The only exception to this article is if you’re peaking for a competition.

When you’re training daily in the gym, there’s no doubt that some days will be better than others both physically and mentally. It’s important to have a plan going into each workout – but some days you need to say “F*CK THE PLAN”, and throw some weight on the bar.

I see it far too often. People come into the gym, they slept great, ate well, feel good, and the bar is moving fast – yet they decide to “stick to the plan” and leave either pounds, or reps, or BOTH in the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I value a good training program, and don’t Read More

Lose The Wrist Wraps! Increase Your Bench


This post is short – as I feel it can be said in just a few paragraphs.

There seems to be more and more lifters in gyms wrapping up these days – and using wrist wraps in the WRONG way.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the benefit of using them, and believe they are a beneficial tool to push more weight – however, when guy’s (and girls) are using them for EVERY SINGLE Read More

If It’s Not Sustainable, I Don’t Want it #nothankyou


For years, I obsessed about my body. So many times I looked in the mirror and sucked in my stomach or pinched my love handles and tried to tuck them away to imagine how much better I would look without them.


I dieted.

I took up running. Regularly ran 10k a couple times a week. Entered races.

Tried to prep for a bikini competition.

Bought a ‘10 Week Bikini Body’ program from girls with cool instagrams.

Worked with a personal trainer.


I swear I’ve tried it all and I will probably never stop trying to all. But the one thing I have learnt from ‘trying it all’ is that if it’s not sustainable, I DON’T want it. #nope #notforme #youcanhaveit Read More