If you’re an athlete, powerlifter, crossfitter, general fitness enthusiast, or even a coach yourself – but you’re struggling to see the results you want – read on..

Our Client Transformations



“After getting started on a TORQUE personal training program, and their dedicated style of training I was able to push myself and attain results that I did not think possible (lost 125lbs). They tailor the workouts to my personal fitness level, and I look forward to every session. Even after flipping a huge tire 80 times, I still enjoy myself.”

Tom Ashby

“After getting started on a program with TORQUE trainer, I have massively improved my strength, lost 15 lbs and have regained mobility in an over-use injury in my knee. I still have work to do, but I have come very far in 3 months of commitment at TORQUE.”

Tanya Philipovich

“I have not only lost inches and pounds (25 pounds so far) but also regained and increased my fitness through a very structured program in the last few months. The workouts are fun, push me beyond my comfort zone, and they’re always looking to adapt it to suit my needs. I would recommend TORQUE to anyone looking to become fitter, lose weight, increase athleticism, endurance, strength, or sports performance.”

Amit Kumar




► Programming and weekly check-ins from a TORQUE Trainer
► Form checks and corrections to optimize power and reduce injury
► Regular program adjustments and accessory work to address weaknesses
► TORQUE Nutrition Guide


General Fitness Nutrition Coaching
► Wanna get leaner? Gain some muscle? Lose some fat? Have more energy?
► Programming and weekly check-ins form a TORQUE trainer
► TORQUE Nutrition Guide
► Program adjustments based on body composition changes and weaknesses
► Work with our nutrition coaches to finally get the results you want.
► Macronutrient suggestions OR a customized meal plan to suit your lifestyle
► Weekly check-ins with a TORQUE Nutrition Coach to keep you on track
► Macro/Meal Plan adjustments as required
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Coaching is available in 1 month ($129+tax) or 3 month ($349+tax) commitments.

What is TORQUE Training?

TORQUE Online Training is based around the same principles and methods we use on ourself, and with our members/clients in the gym who have gone on to win National Competitions, make incredible body and physique transformations, and ultimately – get results.

We’re not re-inventing the wheel – but our methods are effective. We emphasize strength through the big 3 – squat, bench press, and deadlift – and promote increased muscle mass through our accessory exercises. When it comes to fat loss, we combine sustainable nutrition planning – with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to effectively build strength and maintain muscle mass, while losing fat. Depending on your goals, your coach will adapt your program to any injuries you may have, your previous training experience, and your current level of fitness.

One thing to remember is that this stuff is hard and will take self discipline, but your coach will have your back the entire time, and will keep you motivated to stay on the path to success. We know how frustrating fitness and health related goals can be – that’s why we’re here to help.

What You’ll Receive

TORQUE Training and Nutrition Manual

This booklet covers all aspects of our training methods, nutrition components, as well as our best tips to ensure you make the most of your training program

TORQUE Video Library

Exercise demonstrations, workout ideas, exercise pairing, and videos explaining how to use bands, chains, boards..etc as well as other components of your program.

TORQUE Training Program

Your coach will create your program based on your previous training experience, goals, and current fitness level. Depending on what your coach thinks is most suitable – you may receive an updated program, or a completely new program as your fitness level changes.

TORQUE Coaching

You will be paired up with a TORQUE coach who will oversee your training, assist you with questions/concerns, and ultimately – keep you accountable to your goals and program.

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