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Our Coaches

Dan Petkovsek CSCS(AFPA), PTS, Sports Nutritionist

Training style: Westside Barbell Conjugate, Bodybuilding, Powerbuilding.

Recent Competitions
– 1st place & best lifter CPF Nationals (2015)
– 1st place USPA Battle of the Great Lakes (2017)
– 4th place USPA Nationals (2017)
– 5th place WPC World Championships (2014)

Stephanie Earl



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Monthly Coaching: $129+tax
– TORQUE BARBELL Online Coaching is the next best thing to training with us in the gym. Your coach will give you a monthly program, nutrition plan, as well as constant email or text message contact to assist you day to day with your training.
– Programs are sent out and adjusted based upon your specific goals, limitations, and training history (beginners welcome).
– Send your videos, get feedback, technique correction, and general training advice weekly.

Monthly Programming: $20+tax
– Get an updated program every month to follow and take the guess work out of your training.
– Nutrition updates including recipes, information, macro nutrients, and a guide to flexible dieting

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