Stephanie Assad

The Importance of Mobility

We hear the term mobility getting thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. But what really is mobility? And why do we need it?




Mobility itself is the potential range of motion of a joint system and the ability for this motion to be produced without restriction. This potential and ability will vary from person to person, and some people may be naturally more mobile then others. However, mobility can be improved upon using certain practices and exercises. But why would you want to spend the time improving your mobility? Read More

Conquering the Pull Up – Part 1

The pull-up has always been one of the most badass exercises around. One of my first fitness related goals was to do a pull-up. When I realized how hard that was going to be it only became clearer that it was something I needed to achieve. I loved, and still do, the raw strength that pull-ups signify. Over time, I went from being unable to perform a single pull-up, for the life of me, to being able to do 8+ reps with relative ease and even completing weighted pull-ups with up to 30lbs of additional weight.



So how do you go about completing your first pull-up? Once you’ve done that how do you go about increasing the amount of reps? Check out the following guide to help you take your pull-up game to the next level. Read More

Tips for Beginners in the Gym

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So you’ve taken the big leap and signed up for a gym membership. Motivation is high, and perhaps so is apprehension. You’ve taken this first step but what now? Where and how do you start? It can all be a little overwhelming so here a few tips on how to get started.


Setting goals

It is important to come into the gym with a goal. When we work hard at something it is usually because we are seeking to achieve a desired result. Having a goal, whether big or small, pushes us to give Read More